Pet-Agrees has been a life saver to us for the past 12 and ½ years. We have no children, our dogs ARE our children, plus they are Therapy dogs now. In the beginning, I left three page letters for one dog, now I leave a one page letter for three dogs and that is mostly for medication. Deb and Tina do it all, from cleaning up if the dog gets sick, to brushing out he dog daily (since mine are Therapy Dogs it must be done) along with getting mail and regular things a pet sitter would do. If we have an emergency, they have always been able to accommodate us…even w
hen we were stuck on a cruise an extra two days because of a hurricane!! Oh, then there was the time we came home from vacation at 3 a.m. and had forgot our house key…we called Deb and she actually met us half way with our key! As for Tina, we got home earlier than expected one time and Tina had just come in…we cam in. Our dogs could have cared less we were home; they were more interested in Aunt Tina being there. Like I said after 12 and ½ years of doing business with Deb and Tina they are part of our family and we don’t trust any one else with our dogs when we go away!!!

Doug and Lynda Bailey
Therapy Dogs International, Inc.
Associate Member

"We feel like Deb and Heather are part of our family...and they take care of our pups..just as they would their own!"
"They always give our dogs the same love and attention that we do..with play time in the back yard, brushing, and of course give them their favorite TREATS!"
"There is nothing like having peace of mind..when we get tied up at work..or held up in traffic...we know they are just a phone call away..and willing to come right over to take our pups out and feed them for us."
"Pet-Agrees service far surpasses "personalized" they have always been there for us during trying times too..offering to help us out in any way they can...even with overnight take off any added STRESS and ease our minds!"

We Love You!,
Susan, Steve, Ziggy & Maggie

I was looking for a pet sitting service and asked my vet, Pet Agrees name came up. I called Deb Hunt (owner), she actually came to our home two days before she was to sit for him to meet him! They immediately "fell in love"-wonderful service-just a phone call away and are willing to accomodate us on spur of the moment needs.

I recommend their services to my friends "no need to try others". We are so blessed to have Deb and her co-HEARTS take care of our "Stonewall"

Anne and Bob Longwell
Hagerstown, MD


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